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Our mission

A bridge between Indonesia and Japan

Our mission is WIN-WIN for all, you, the employers and us.

Due to the high unemployment rate in Indonesia, you may feel it difficult to find quality jobs despite your passion and potential capability. We are ready to help you to find great job opportunities in Japan.

Then, you would be able to contribute to the global growth. We are excited to bridge between Indonesia and Japan through these efforts and your success stories.

Why don’t you explore your dream careers with us?

Our strength

Total Recruitment Solutions

We have solid alliance with both Japanese and Indonesian partners. The former is an experienced recruitment and student support company listed in Japan. The latters are PT TOMO OCTA JAYA and Yayasan Simfoni Wako.

Thanks to this strong partnership, we can find plenty of job opportunities for you and help you to adjust to Japanese society and working environment.


We will help you to introduce business partners in the Indonesian market, cooperate with the government. and obtain licenses. We also provide education to adapt to Japanese companies.

<Company Profile>

Head office:Rumah Bali Palace, Jl. Pandawa Raya Blok B-2 No. 9 – 10, Bogor 16153, Indonesia
Established:March 3, 2020
Business: Human Resources, Recruitment, Education, Consulting Services
Number of employees:5 staff

About Yayasan Simfoni Wako

We are backing up the development of human resources for Japan’s aging society. We also collect information on social contribution activities and make recommendations.

<NGO’s Profile>

Name:Yayasan Simfoni Wako
Head office:Jl. Bantaran Indah Blok H No.1A, Malang, Indonesia
Established:February 25, 2017
Business: Japanese language education, training program for Japan, home advisor for the elderly, CSR
Number of employees:4 staff

A group photo of an ITB officer and EGHR / affilate staff (at ITB Career Center in August, 2019)
A seminar conducted by EGHR / Access Group Holdings on Recruitment for Japan (at ITB In February, 2020)

Smooth Communication

We totally help you communicate with Japanese employers

Though Indonesian and Japanese people resemble in many ways, we still have cultural, social and customary differences.

As a mixed team of Indonesian and Japanese specialists, we definitely assist you in finding suitable jobs, adjusting to Japanese life style and working at your new environments. 

Livelihood support

We offer optional *services for you to start/ enjoy your everyday life in Japan smoothly.   *The services are usually subject to your employers.

After you are employed in Japan, you might find it difficult to start your own living environment alone. Our partner has a a perfect answer for you. 

The partner is Eightrent Co., Ltd., who is one of our shareholders, and the largest rental service company in Japan.

Thanks to its extensive inventories and expertise, Eightrent is able to offer you attractive rental packages for your daily necessities such as beds, kitchen utensils,  and household appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, etc.  

Of course, you usually need to consult with your employer for the rental contract. Once you’ve got a green light on it, you can start your brand new life in Japan with much fun and ease. 


Company Profile

Company nameEight Global HR CO., Ltd.
Representative DirectorDaisuke Aso
EstablishedAugust 8, 2019​